LAGURUS ovatus

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LAGURUS ovatus

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'Hazenstaart', Eenjarig, 3 gr = 1000 pl.
100 gr. voor 10 RR (140m2). Halfgeschoond zaad

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LAGURUS ovatus is beschikbaar in eenheden van 25 gram.

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Lagurus ovatus

Hare's Tail

Culture guide

Rock and heath garden, cut and dried flower production

Sun - Partial shade

Garden height:
16" / 40 cm

Crop time:
12-13 weeks

Sow time:
December-March for green pot in May March-May for flowering in pots from July onwards
Outdoors: from April onwards

Sowing method:
4-6 seeds in plugs, sowing directly into field is recommended

4-8 days at 70 °F (21 °C). Cover seed lightly with vermiculite after sowing.

Growing On:
Transplant plugs after 3-5 weeks. Grow on at 58-60 °F (14-15 °C).

12-15 °C

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